Moisture Wicking Performance Fabric & Why You Should Care

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you might have heard of the latest trend in fashion apparel: moisture wicking performance fabric. This special fabric has taken the industry by storm and have been used by some of the biggest companies worldwide. From top dogs like Nike and Under Armour, to rising stars like Patagonia, moisture wicking is appearing quickly.

But it’s no coincidence that many trend-setting apparel companies are investing in this high tech fabric. It’s because the demand for performance fabric has been on the rise in recent years. But what exactly is moisture wicking fabric? And why should you care?


What is Moisture Wicking Performance Fabric?

Moisture wicking performance fabric is an innovative fabric that is breathable, water resistant, windproof and comfortable.However, the most impressive aspect may be that it acts as a one-way door for moisture. This means that moisture will be able to leave the shirt or jacket. But at the same time, repel any water that contacts the exterior of the apparel (or fabric).


The material is completely breathable and allows sweat to be absorbed from your skin and moved to the exterior of the apparel. This makes the moisture much easier to evaporate after being exposed to the air and sun. In addition, the fabric pulls salt from your sweat, thus removing an abrasive substance left from perspiration.


For those that enjoy exercising in cool climates, the moisture wicking fabric is perfect.  Clothing with this technology is also wildly popular in areas where wind is high and drizzles are common. This material allows you to prevent any built-up sweat due to your body trying to cool down as quickly as possible, in almost any type of environment.


This performance fabric is made from a special blend of micro fibers and polyester. Not only will the fabric keep you dry, but will also be lightweight and comfortable throughout your exercise. Many companies have their own version of this technology, but named differently. You have Dri-fit at Nike and Climalite/ClimaCool at Adidas.


How Moisture Wicking Shirts and Jackets Help You

Let’s imagine how this fabric may benefit you in modern everyday situations. It’s a gloomy, yet humid afternoon in Southern California. The weather is cool and it’s the perfect time to go for a jog. You put on your moisture wicking shirt and jacket and go out for a long, much-needed run.


A couple miles later and you’re sweating furiously. Not to worry. The moisture from the sweat easily leaves the moisture wicking gear you have on, keeping you as dry as possible on the inside. No more coming home from long jogs looking like you just jumped out of the sauna.


A few minutes later and there’s a light drizzle and the wind starts to kick in. But you’re too far away from home with no umbrella. That’s not a problem. You flip on your jacket’s hood and finish your run home. The high-tech fabric goes to work and keeps the rain water from soaking you up while shielding you from the cold winds. Maybe you won’t catch that cold after all.


This is just one example of the benefits and it’s obvious why this new fabric material has become so increasingly popular.


The Rise of the Moisture Wicking Trend

The moisture wicking technology is not something that is completely new. It’s a fabric that was reinvented in recent years.


A similar fabric was introduced when Dupont first manufactured polyester microfibers many decades ago. But over the years, several companies began to produce similar fabric that did the same job of wicking away moisture.


Despite all this, why did this performance fabric become so popular only relatively recently?


Over the last decade, the health trend had emerged. People not only started to eat healthier, but also started to adopt a variety of physical activities. Whether it’s basketball, running, kayaking or camping, a movement is happening.


There’s a reason why companies like Nike and Patagonia have so graciously adopted this fabric. These companies are, without doubt, associated with physical activities and performance. It only made sense that a fabric be used in this era of physical activity.


AKWA’s Moisture Wicking Apparel

When debating about the fabric you want to use for your apparel line, it’s hard to ignore this new trend. It might be a good idea to take advantage of this new technology while it’s hot. The trend just started and it doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.


AKWA’s Branded Bonded Jersey (BDJ) and Soft Shell (SSF) features a unique 3-layer moisture wicking fabric. Our garments provide ultimate comfort and weather protection for a wide variety of activities.


We understand that thick clothing and physical activities don’t mix well together. Our garment’s thin 3 layers provide maximum durability while minimizing the bulk.


The fabric membrane has billions of pores per square inch. These micro holes are small enough to prevent water and wind to pass through from the exterior. However, these exact same holes are big enough for moisture vapor (such as sweat) to pass through from your skin to the exterior of the apparel.


Because of this technology, we can guarantee that you’ll stay warm and dry while enjoying the breathability of the garments.


AKWA apparel offers the ability to customize and private label a select group of garments with this moisture wicking technology.


For more information of how to get started with your own line of this high-tech apparel, click here. Don’t get left behind in this revolutionary apparel trend.