What Makes AKWA Special? We sew every garment in this catalog in the USA. Every. Single. One.

We store all our fabrics in our 150,000 sq.ft. headquarters, we cut everything in-house, and use only our exclusive sewing contractors in Los Angeles. Our quality control is outstanding!

We do Custom sewing with (usually) only a 144 piece order

Some options have no minimum: putting a pocket on a shirt, or sewing in a private label for example. But if you want a different sleeve length, different color topstitch, a sublimated graphic or many other options, our minimum is usually only 144 pcs.

AKWA has character, integrity, and excellent customer service

Our owner was recognized by PPAI as one of the “best bosses” in the industry. A very high percentage of our employees have been at AKWA for 10+ years, including several of our customer service reps.

AKWA is donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

One of our NEW polos for 2017 features the pink ribbon associated with fighting breast cancer. AKWA is donating money from every pink ribbon shirt sold with no time or dollar limit. Join us in fighting this insidious disease that has affected so many.

Our no-curl collar is the best in the industry

If you want a collar that never curls, even right out of the washing machine/dryer, AKWA has polos that you will fall in love with. Take the challenge: get a sample and discover the no-curl collar you’ve always wanted.

We don’t copy our competition: we make originals

We look more to retail for inspiration, not our own industry. Our fabrics and styles are original and unique, with an emphasis on quality, comfort, and style. Wearing a Made in USA garment doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable!

Made in USA

AKWA apparel is that “gem” you might not have known about. We have 25+ years in the industry, making high quality Made in USA garments and offering you Custom sewing with reasonable lead times and minimums.

For more information on how you can work with the AKWA team, visit this page.