5 Benefits of Using American Clothing Manufacturers


Whether you’re getting custom corporate wear for your employees or launching a new apparel line, there’s one question that will come up. Do I use American clothing manufacturers or oversea manufacturers?


With modern technology and the introduction of platforms that connect buyers and overseas manufacturers, this question has become increasingly common. A person or company looking for private label apparel is now presented with two choices. But which option is more ideal?


Of course, both options will have their pros and cons. But in order to meet the requirements, deadlines and goals of most businesses, it’s probably a no-brainer to go in-house with american clothing manufacturers.

The most common reason people look overseas for apparel manufacturing is because of a cheaper price. This was certainly very true in the past. But the gap in prices between overseas apparel manufacturing and american clothing manufacturing have narrowed in recent years.


Looking overseas for clothing manufacturing is not a terrible option. However, there are several benefits that make american manufacturing a much better choice. These are the 5 top benefits of using american clothing manufacturers.


Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Regardless of the product, when you’re ordering from overseas manufacturers, there is usually a high minimum order quantity (or MOQ). Often times the MOQ can be negotiated down to a lower number, but it may still be a significant amount.


If you happen to be able to ship a low quantity order of custom apparel to the states, the shipping cost will be expensive. Probably so expensive that the price would not even be worth it anymore. The higher quantity you order, the more you’ll be able to save on the expensive overseas shipping.

So, the high MOQ kind of makes sense for overseas manufacturing. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense for companies that need just a few hundred corporate shirts or promotional wear. Likewise with new companies that don’t want to use all their budget “testing” their market.


Made in USA apparel manufacturers, such as AKWA, usually have a much lower MOQ requirement. In fact, AKWA has the lowest minimum order requirement for apparel manufacturing right here in the United States. With just an order of just 144 pieces, you can get your custom apparel with private labeling!


And the best part is that the low MOQ won’t affect shipping cost by much. No sea freight or express oversea shipping will keep the cost of apparel low even with low quantity orders.


American Clothing Manufacturers Have Shorter Timelines


When you’re importing apparel from overseas, the actual manufacturing process of the products may be shorter in some cases. But when you factor in the time it takes to ship your clothing to the United States, the timeline becomes much longer.


Oversea air shipping is quicker, but comes with a much more expensive price. The most cost-effective method is via sea freight, which could take an extra 20 to 30 days depending where the departure and arrival locations are.


Add in the hassle and time it takes for customs to sort through and inspect your shipment, and the time it takes to receive your apparel is even longer. Some ports go on frequent strikes, meaning that the cargo will remain stuck in the ship until issues are resolved.


Can you wait that long for your custom apparel to arrive? Needless to say, manufacturing your clothing in America allows you to use quick and inexpensive domestic shipping.


AKWA is a company that understands the necessity and importance of meeting deadlines. Companies want their apparel as soon as possible. From the time of order placement to receiving the products, AKWA can provide a timeline as short as 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the order requirements.

Quality Control of American Clothing Manufacturers


One of the toughest part of manufacturing in any industry is the quality control. When you’re producing products at a large quantity, there is a very good chance something may go wrong. That’s why quality control is so important.

The problem is that oversea manufacturers, such as Chinese manufacturers, are notorious for skimping on quality control. A loose thread in your shirt and they may overlook it. The “cheap” price you pay for your overseas apparel includes the cost of a quality control that match the price.


American manufacturers tend to do a better job being thorough with their quality control. It’s the reason why Made in USA products are perceived as being higher quality. This general perception is warranted.


AKWA apparel prides itself on top-notch quality control. No stones are left unturned. Our customers know this and see it in the final apparel products. It’s the reason why they keep coming back to us.


Quality Customer Service From American Clothing Manufacturers


If you’ve ever dealt with oversea manufacturers, you’ll understand that communication can cause a delay in manufacturing. The drastic difference in time-zones makes it difficult to coordinate on orders, especially if they’re large orders.


The benefit of working with a company in the same or similar time zone? You can pick up your phone and reach them whenever you want.


One the goals at AKWA apparel is to not only provide high quality apparel, marketing consulting, but also the best customer experience possible. We back our customer experience with our highly experienced and adept customer service team.


If you need to make changes, contact us easily and quickly. Need to check on the progress the products? No problem. Any questions can be answered with just a phone call (or email) away. There’s absolutely no need waiting to deal with customer service in another country.


Creating Manufacturing Jobs For the American People


Last but not least, by using american clothing manufacturers, wearing patrioic clothing, you will be creating jobs for the American people. I’ll admit this isn’t something that benefits you directly, but it will benefit the economy in which you live in.


As an American, is there a better feeling than supporting your own people when given the choice? The American people are the foundation for this economy, and we believe that supporting them will make this country a better place for us all.


AKWA apparel is the american dream, creating the american dream for others.